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THE OUTFIT - Just When You Thought Mark Rylance Was A Stiff

He does need to give the Best Supporting Actor Award back to the Academy for "Bridge of Spies," the 2015 snoozer "starring" Tom 'Pudding Face' Hanks.

But Mark Rylance joins the acting stratosphere with his turn in "The Outfit," a weird Byzantine script brought to lucidity by Rylance, Zoey Deutch (Who?), and Johnny Flynn (Ditto?).

Rylance plays Chicago fine haberdasher and cutter, Leonard Burling. His shop is frequented by various unsavory types including Francis (Johnny Flynn), a top capo in the mob of the Boyle Clan.

The Boyles, run by patriarch Roy and idiot son, Richie, use Leonard's shop as a drop point for payoffs (This is Chicago). Burling and Deutch play along until someone important ends up dead inside the cutting room, which leads to some gruesome conclusions.

It appears Burling and Deutch are going to end up room temperature, and that ain't good in the Windy City in December.

However, there is a twist, and it's a doozy. Before film's end, there are enough dead bodies to satisfy Hamlet and fill Elsinore Castle.

If you want to find out if one of them is Rylance, you'll have to watch the movie.

Prime Video.

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