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THIS HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC A Look Back at the Execrable Year, 2020


I won't even bother showing you the Sunday Times front page. It's an obvious attempt at dissing Donald Trump. Do not mistake it for sympathy on the part of this execrable publication. It is not.

A courtesy reminder to both LinkedIn and anyone who cares about enforcing a no politics rule on the social media site. Have tried on numerous occasions to get LI to stop them proliferating.

     And received only chirping crickets in response.

     Therefore, assume that lambasting the nefarious publishing gestalt of the New York Times is fair game.

     In the past 24 hours, the newspaper of record, . . . that's a joke, The New York Times Sunday front page arrived on my Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn feed. I'm sure it's lurking on Instagram somewhere. And the well-meaning (Yes, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt) individuals who post the names of 1000 deaths due to Covid-19, couch the Times' front page graphic as some sort of eulogy to the multiple tragic events.

     Yes, that's their story. I might believe it. I might not.

     But it is not the Times story, nor the Times intent.

     The reason for the Old Gray Skank's posting of 1000 deaths is not to honor them. No. It is to stick a thumb in the eye of Donald Trump.

     And like everything else regarding the incessant attacks on the 45th President, it will backfire. It will.

     The Times front page embarrassment, like impeachment, and Russia, and Mueller, and Stormy Daniels, and tax returns, will land like a lead kite. The ideological clods at the newspaper will be exposed as ideological clods, not that The Hysterical Left will care. This is the stuff that gets them to subscribe to this modern day equivalent of Pravda.

     After the effort craters, The Hysterical Left will move onto the next Gotcha, in the hopes of reversing the 2016 election and defeating Donald Trump in 2020. Fine. Please do so.

     Four years of stupidity on the part of Liberals have done nothing except waste four years of a lot of lives on stupidity.

     And starting in 2022, The Old Gray Skank is planning a two year rollout of feature series on the 50th Anniversary of Watergate.

     I'm not even half kidding.

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