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UNDERRATED - To His Advantage

"Never tell me the odds," - Indiana Jones

The documentary, which took twenty minutes to get going, does gain considerable traction when it concentrates on the gestalt of the title.


Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors' transcendent guard, should have "Under" on his birth certificate.




"Over" could be on there, too.


And that might be the best way to describe Steph Curry's remarkable high school, college, and pro career.


Stature jokes aside, Steph is far from the one of the shortest guards in league history. Muggsy Bogues, Nate Archibald, even Allen Iverson (Another generational talent) all, uh, stood less than six feet tall. Bogues, a particular anomaly at 5'4".

All of these men made their presence felt in a league dominated by genetic freaks like Kevin Garnett and Wilt Chamberlain.

Steph Curry is 6'2".

But scouting reports, recruitment visits, even draft day prognostcations all downplayed his unique gifts of floor awareness; reflexive passing; and ball-handling. The reports also didn't recognize his ability to mold a team around him into a champion.

At little (ahem) Davidson College (Student population: 2000) in Charlotte, North Carolina, he took a squad of cast-offs to the Elite Eight in 2009 and they had their foot on the throat of mighty Kansas (Student population: Kansas), losing only by a missed buzzer beater.

In the NBA, he has led the Golden State Warriors to four NBA titles, and six finals appearances. This "under" guard has bested LeBron James more often than not. He stared down a more balanced Celtics team in 2022.

And he may be back for one more Merry-Go-Round in 2023-2024.

Given the perennial knock on Steph, it would be good, for once, to not count out this athletic version of David who has slain more than one Goliath.

Apple TV.

Just get past the first 20 minutes. There is some stupid homage to Steph setting the 3-point mark at the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden.


MSG. Home to one Stanley Cup Winner and two NBA Titles in its thousand years of existence.

Again. Apple TV

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