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This is a tough review because I am a HUGE Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mark Margolis, Til Schweiger, Lily Taylor, and Miguel (Mel) Ferrer fan. Yes, the cast is that good.

The issue with the film is no one cares, about an hour in, as to whether or not the courier (Morgan) makes the delivery.

Morgan is the courier. Somewhere, someone calls him by his name, but by that time, the plot has become so uninteresting ya just don't care. The bad guy, named Evil Sivle (Really?) is some faceless entity living in a warehouse littered with bodies. The assumption is this nefarious individual has offed a bunch of paid assassins on their way to taking him out.

Enter the courier.

Til Schweiger, the man with the speech impediment is called Lispy in this film (which might be the only endearing moment in the movie), blackmails Morgan to deliver a package to Evil Sivle. Gee, perhaps this assignment is to find the stupidly named bad guy; flush him out; and engage in a mano-a-mano throw down with the courier.

Whaddya think?

Too stupid for cinema.

There is one other bright spot in this snoozer, the attempted hit by the geriatric team of Lily Taylor and Mel Ferrer. The husband and wife character actor couple chase Jeffrey Dean Morgan through New Orleans, missing every shot aimed at his near geriatric self.

As stated.

Too stupid for cinema.

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