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YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - Comedy Perfection

In the ancient times, before the designated hitter changed baseball, there existed a saying used whenever something was deemed too easy.

"That's nothing. It's like striking out the pitcher."

Reviewing Young Frankenstein is like striking out the pitcher.

Too easy.

No matter. Want to continue to comedy flood, and hope it gets some folks to stream these films. Everyone could use a laugh.

Gene Wilder is Doctor Frederick Frankenstein (Uh, Fronk-In-Steen?), who is the recipient of his great-grandfather's last will and testament. The antique box is handed to him by the brilliant character actor, Richard Haydn (Herr Falkstein).

Frederick is tasked with returning to Castle Frankenstein.

He is met at The Transylvania Station by Igor (Marty Feldman) and Inger (Teri Garr). The trip from there to the castle includes a couple sight gags. The pathway is obvious studio and/or backlot, but it doesn't matter. To that point there are non-stop laughs which will continue throughout the film.

And the plot?

In a non-linear take, it includes a new Frankenstein monster, a lesson in German (blaucher means glue), an ignited thumb, grave-robbing, village town meeting, and a space-age launch from a teeter-totter.

Kudos to casting. Peter Boyle. Madeline Kahn. Cloris Leachman. Kenneth Mars. Gene Hackman.

There are phrases from the movie that acolytes repeat to this day. "What knockers!" "Boo! I ain't got nobody." "Sed-A-Give?!" "Wait! I was gonna make espresso." "Nice hopping." "Ovaltine?"

MAX. Hulu. Prime.

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