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Moving Beyond The Pony Express.

Newman, the Wayne Knight character in Seinfeld. Fiction then. Fact now.

Yes, it's a cliche, but an apt one. 

The USPS, an anachronistic carbuncle on the behind of American commerce, is a business model from the era when Ozzie and Harriet dominated the television schedule. With the invention of the FAX machine, and the rise of the acumen of Fred Smith, the USPS should have been nothing more than a boutique operation delivering hand-stamped letters and junk mail for the past 35 years. Instead, it is a job factory. A civil service position. And voting bloc for Democratic candidates. 

Newman, the single-named star of "Seinfeld," played by Wayne Knight, filled a caricature role in the series. The lazy, malicious, non-customer oriented postal worker. Ignore the word "caricature." 

Knight relished his refusal to work in the rain. "Neither rain, nor . . . It's the first one!" cried out George Costanza, finding Knight in his bathrobe on a workday. 

When admonished by Costantza for his lack of work ethic regarding the USPS creed, Knight blithely replied, "I don't go in much for creeds." 

Knight, as Newman, also stopped delivering his mail completely for weeks, as he was depressed over his rejected request for transfer to the Honolulu Post Office. Were 2020 a sitcom, it would be a show about something. Bags of mail have been discovered on multiple occasions over the past several years. Carriers have abandoned them and skipped out on their responsibilities. Delivery is no longer six days a week. Not because the USPS came to a pragmatic decision to halt Saturday service. No. It's just not done any longer on the mandated schedule. 

And don't blame CV19. 

This was happening years ago. Isolated at first, but now across America, people find their boxes empty and not because they've not received something. And try finding a convenient corner box. Those have been disappearing faster than Newman during inclement weather. 

With the exception of your average Democratic Trump hater, who the HELL would trust this organization with running a clean and efficient voting process for even the proverbial dog-catcher? How many Presidential mail-in ballots. will be discovered weeks AFTER the election and HAVE TO BE COUNTED? How many of those will be from tightly contested states? How many will sway the election, if this nonsense is allowed? 

All of them.

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