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Cool, Hip, Half-White Dude and Teleprompter Addict.

A warm-up joke:

     A woman, about to get married for the fourth time, confides in a friend;

     "Francine, I'm still a virgin."

     "How can that be?" Asked her shocked friend.

     "I'll tell you everything. My first husband upon the completion of the ceremony, fled the church. I never saw him again. My second husband, disrobed on our first night, and dropped over dead in front of me. And my third husband--"

     She hesitated.

     "Yes?" Asked her friend.

     "My third husband was a Democrat, and for a year just sat on the edge of our bed and told me how great the sex was going to be."

     An old joke, but a good one.

    And one which sums up the Democrat Party perfectly. All show and no dough. All talk and no action. Style over substance. And my least favorite? All hat and no cattle.

    Decades ago, at the onset of political awareness for Yours truly, Hubert Humphrey laid out the Democratic platform during the 1968 campaign. Yes, it's true! HHH actually discussed policy with the American people and the American press. He ran on the issues.


     He did take the obligatory swipe at Tricky Dick Nixon, but of all the political ads run that year, if Hubert compared himself to Richard, policy differences drove the message. Not Dick's kitchen meetup with Kruschev. Not Nixon's awful debate performance in 1960. Not Milhous' flaccid response during the HUAC investigations.

     None of that surfaced.

     Witness the last fifty years of campaigning. During this time, nine different men have occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Running for that office has deteriorated to a steady stream of invective, mostly from the Democratic side until Trump. He is the first opponent to the Party of Inaction to actually punch back.

     Not accustomed to landing on the canvas, the Insidious Left has taken to accusing The Donald of Foul Political Play. They ignore the previous, oh, 12 Presidential elections where, buoyed by a complicit media, Liberals ignored what's good for America and engaged in name calling (Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Bigot, Anti-Santa Claus, etcetera).

     Foregoing the issues is bad enough for the electorate, but last night the cool, hip, half-white dude tossed what little decorum remained into the dumpster and read a I-Don't-Know-How-Many-Excruciating-Minutes hit speech off a teleprompter.

     A long, ennui-inducing, character assassination of the sitting President. When B.O. did veer into another topic, he quickly returned to The Donald, by using the ElasticMan ability to stretch from one unrelated issue to our 45th President.

     The unwritten rule of the Presidency is the decorum applied to past holders of the office not criticize the sitting occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania.

     That got tacitly ignored by the thin-skinned (half-black though he might be) Obama who launched into a seventh grade squealing tennis match with two teleprompters. One to his left and the other to his right.

     Barack Obama is the distillation of all the campaigns (including both of his) gone before. The speech is a personal attack on the Presidency of Donald Trump, designed to shepherd the press into the Praising Pen. Nothing more.

     Because that's all the Democrats have had since about 2000. Not an issue in the 15 minute snoozer. Not a one to recommend casting a single vote for the policy-challenged Left.

     The Obamagasms began about a second after the speech ended. The stampede to be first to call the cool, hip, half-white dude, a "Cool. Hip. Half-White Dude!" left high-heel and loafer marks on the backs of those too slow to react. God forbid some reflection on the vapidness of Barack's remarks be in order. Heck no. That gets you excommunicated from the Little Reporters Club, and its President, Jim Acosta.

     If the press called out the Cool, Hip, Half-White Dude on his smooth-talking snake oil salesman routine, a resurrection of the media would be on the horizon. That did not happen as the verbal masturbation commenced and has not ceased. 2020. The year of the pandemic and the exposure of the Democratic party.

     Gotta take the good with the bad.

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