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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC A Look Back at the Execrable Year, 2020


The headline for today is allegorical.

  In the 80s the first "studies" came out regarding caffeine. Within a ten year period, the notion of drinking caffeinated coffee, and the benefits thereof, was proven and subsequently disproven three times.

  The floodgates opened and since then, should you wish to believe in man-made global warming, there are articles and "studies" to support it. Should the alternate POV appeal to you, there is just as much gak out there to shove in someone's virtual face on Facebook . . .

 . . . or LinkedIn for that matter.

  The issues surrounding LinkedIn's surrender to the P.C. Virtue Signaling crowd are legion and not subject to debate here. The complaints registered are substantial. LinkedIn does not even care to respond.

  The latest supportive plethora of nonsense, or sense, depending on the individual’s POV is CV19. It is the latest push/pull to mention BRIEFLY.

  After Robert Mueller, Russia, Stormy Daniels, and Trump's taxes, the coronavirus is the latest in an overhyped series of "studies" meant to take down Donald Trump.

  Some of the "studies" as follows:

  Sweden is a failure

  Hydroxychloroquine is a failure

  Remdesivir is a failure

  Zithromax, in conjunction with Hydroxychloroquine, is a failure times two

  Masks work

  Social Distancing works

  Lockdowns work

  Gretchen Whitmer is hot

  Andrew Cuomo is good-looking

  Phil Murphy and Eric Garcetti are insane, and we're not sure about Gavin Newsom

  At least the Hysterical Leftists in charge of these various "studies" got the last one right. "Study" after "Study" after "Study" has been broadcast for decades regarding weight-loss and exercise, cholesterol levels, carbohydrate intake, protein absorption, detente with the USSR, detente with the Russians, detente with the Red Chinese, detente with China, detente with Castro, detente with Cuba, stock investments, gold, mutual funds, munis, real estate purchases, making peace with Mom, getting Mom out of your life once and for all, divorce, staying together.

  And for every single "study," there is one or 300 refuting the results. Like the weather, if you don't like what the "study" says, wait a while. One will come out, on the exact same subject, you will like.


  To my "friends," who constantly ask me to cite my sources, I reply and will continue to reply:

  It's all there.

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