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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC A Look Back at the Execrable Year of 2020

The Blame Game. So Much Darn Fun!

Golf and Vacations. If you haven't liked any of the current Presidents over the past 30 years, focus on their golf outings and so-called vacations. Those convenient targets are as warmed over as turkey the Monday after Thanksgiving.

When I was much younger, say a couple years ago, I would be agog (love that word!) at the various events attributed to a President in a positive or negative way.                                                                                                       

Of particular interest?

The dreaded golf game and proverbial vacation.                       

Bill Clinton's Presidency was the inception point of the golf game/vacation two-step. Prior to him, Bush Senior's lightning rod? Kennebunkport, Maine trips.                                     

Reagan? Naps.                                                                                                                          

But Clinton, cigar in mouth and pitching wedge in hand, set off conservatives.

Slacker outcries of "What happened to the President of the common man?"

And "Country Club Clinton" ensued.                                                                       

Throw in a hummer or two from Monica Lewinsky and . . .                                    

Bush Jr. fell right under the pig pile. Though I must say, he was excoriated less for his golfing than for his time off the job, which Democrats conjecture added up to eight years.         

Obama, who I imagined would get a pass, since he did on everything, was still subject to scrutiny. His golf game for instance. What was the cool, hip, half-black dude doing out there with a cigar and a pitching wedge? Oh, must be the half-white part, like Spock.               

Finally, the Trumpster. His most egregious crime, according to the Apocalyptic Progressives, is that he manufactured CV19 in a lab in Mar-a-Lago; brought it here on a yacht; and dropped it off at inner city ghettos from New York City to New York City.               

The Donald takes the biggest hit for his golf game, probably because this Energizer Rabbit works about twenty hours a day. His vacations seem to consist of escaping Washington, DC to go to Mar-a-Lago to manufacture more deadly viruses.                                                              

This is all pointless. Don't know why we bother.

We are now a nation of malcontents.

If the troops aren't complaining, they aren't happy? 

Let us try another homily.                                                                                                     

Fix the problem, not the blame.

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