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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Back at the gym in Boulder. Really? We can't do this in New York City? Man, have we given up.

NOTE: Re-Print from my journal of 2020-2021. This finds us (wife, 2 dogs) in Boulder, Colorado.

Yes, it's a selfish ask. But this ain't for me. It's for all those franchise owners who sunk some dough into either a chain (I Love Kickboxing, LA Fitness) or opened a place to work out in the neighborhood for martial arts, boxing, orZumba. 

  Is it really that hard? This is their livelihood. This is their paycheck, or their P&L. This is how they PAY THEIR TAXES. 

  Though he looks like the stoned version of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Bill de Blasio hits the gym every day. We can't. But Mayor Body by TasktyKake can. 

  Lori Lightfoot can get her atrocious hair done. Like de Blasio’s workouts, a cut and a comb doesn't have much effect. 

  And Mayor Doofus from Seattle ignores her own face mask decree. Quite frankly, given my stance on face masks, I can side with the Emerald City Dope on that one. Right on, Twitchy! Rip that useless face covering off! Stick it to the Man! Or the Woman! 

  But, good God, open a gym.

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