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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC If the America of 2020 had to fight the Japan of 1941 . . .


Yes, the ratting out, snitching, and transfer of guilt has begun. Thicken up that skin, those of you who won't let the government push you around. This ain't for the weak.

Came to the realization there exists a syndrome called Quitters Guilt. It inhabits the persona of Americans these days. Given the ease with which the various state and local governments convinced the citizenry to allow the extension of a 14 Day Flatten

     The Curve initiative to transition to Eradicate Disease Forever, most people have thrown in the towel.

     There are pockets of resistance here and there. A cyclist not wearing a mask while pedaling down a street alone. A person or two walking in a neighborhood with no face coverings because, well, there ain't nobody within six blocks.

     And this weekend! Check this out.

     A few hundred new students at Colorado University tubing, drinking, eating, swimming, and hiking through the Boulder Falls Canyon. Did not see one face mask on anyone and the group did not just consist of stupid twenty-somethings. Nope. Plenty of flabby middle-aged bodies in the mix.

     Too many Americans would view this as some crime against the state. A heartless, and unfeeling gathering of the self-indulgent. What is going on here? Haven't you all heard that we're supposed to give up and follow "The Rules?"

     Too many Americans would (and possibly did) reach for the cell phone and rat out the people who might live next door to them. What are you thinking? Stop having fun! We're in the middle of something horrible? Why you could drive grandma into an early grave!

     To quote the great Richard Haydn from a Dick Van Dyke episode when confronted by his elderly shrewish mother about said early grave, "That is no longer possible."

     A few days ago, had an interesting observation from a friend of mine regarding the Great Capitulation, as it's called . . . by me.

     He thinks that the working class, blue-collar, 6am construction shift crowd, doesn't fall for the guilt because their lives are about survival. They've too much to worry about, like continuing to work and provide for their families to bother with the stupidity of Big Brother. Remember Big Brother brought us the DMV, IRS, and USPS.

     The true capitulators according to my friend, is the white-collar, overeducated, desk jockey elites, who don't have to worry about much, therefore they need some stupidity in their lives.

     Enter the government mandate.

     Instant mask-wearing cattle. Quick to throw an evil glance in the direction of anyone willing to think for themselves and wonder why these things are so important when five months ago, virtually every medical professional on the planet identified them for what they are.

     Useless pieces of cloth, plastic, or paper.

     Scratch that. They are useful.

     Useful for getting a population to show a willingness to extend a two week Flatten The Curve initiative into a five months (and counting) rescinding of individual rights.

     Think about the next time you pull some recently purchased fashion accessory and cut off your oxygen supply.

     Easy, no?

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