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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Let's Replace the Face Mask with a Gag

RE-PRINT FROM 2020: The way Americans are acting, Canada with their standing army of six mounted police and a moose could conquer us.

Full disclosure. Most of you know my position on mask-wearing.

     Unless you have a hospital compliant one, you are virtue signaling. I will only wear them if I am denied entry to a grocery store, restaurant, gym, or some other place I want to go badly enough to put the useless thing on my face.

     Pet Peeve. Why do people wear masks when walking their dogs and there is NO ONE within 100 feet of them?

     Why do people walk through a parking lot wearing a mask and the closest person is six feet away, but behind a windshield?

     Why is there this fascination with putting one on and not taking it off until you start to talk like Darth Vader?

     "By Order of the State of Hysteristan . . . " Flyers that start with this, and show some masked 1940 Warsaw Ghetto survivor in a mask give me the creeps. Again, if I can't come in and really want/need to, I will don the head wrap.

     Don't tell me that something denigrated by just about everyone up through most of March and part of April needs to become an item in your underwear drawer.

     Said it before. America, you have given up. Quit. Thrown in the towel. Waved the white flag. Canada might as well confiscate all the land south of Montreal and north of Mexico and call it Invertebrastan.

    Are we ever going to push back?

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