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I Would Like to Personally Thank . . . . . . .

Every initiative based upon this hyperbolic shutdown is blowing up in the Democrats' faces. Couldn't happen to a nicer party.

    Yes, I would like to personally thank all the dip shit politicians and un-elected officials who have extended this lockdown into the realm of The All Time Stupid Moves By Bureaucrats.

    Y'all let me know when we've Hashtag Flattened The Curve!

    Hello? Anyone there? Any of you incompetent jackasses with a clue? Phil Murphy? Tom Wolf? Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo? Stoner Bill de Blasio?

 Not a peep. Here's what the lockdown has accomplished:

     - The lockdown has Flattened the Curve. So . . .

     - The lockdown has killed more people through suicides, delayed medical procedures and check-ups, and violent crime than a virus could hope.

     - The lockdown is now truncating the education and social development of our young.

     - The lockdown has raised the income of psychologists and therapists.

     - The lockdown has sold more masks than The Castro at Halloween.

     - The lockdown should have been over FOUR MONTHS AGO. Why is it not? Not going to get into the obvious conspiracy theory. If you don't know why, you're not paying attention.

The Democrats, or "The Party of Unintended Consequences" will accomplish the following:

      - New York City will NEVER recover from this. It's a Democratic cash cow. The Party of Stupid has killed the Goose that lays the proverbial egg.

       - Office Space, everywhere, will never recover from this.

       - San Francisco, my former home, will have a population of the homeless, the drug-addicted, the aging hippie, and gays and Lesbians. Other than the gays and Lesbians, all the other people who work for a living will depart and find more livable places. At this point, Mogadishu might be on that list.

      - Violent crime will (and has) returned to urban areas at 1970s levels.

      - Any state and city run by the Democrats will deteriorate even further. For those of us around since the 1960s, we all know how horrible that will be.

     And there's no guarantee the election won't go in Trump's favor. What will The Hysterical Left do then? Burn more things down? Commit more violent crime?

      If I may.


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