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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Another Re-Print from 2020.


Test results for Covid are negative. Have decided to rename the stupid virus.


Have tested negative for Covid. Hoping the antibodies test comes back positive, since I can then put it out on Facebook that

     I had the overrated illness and don't remember a moment's sickness. At that point, I may also begin French kissing strangers. Given CV19 no longer qualifies as a pandemic, and please don't say "Worldwide Pandemic" for obvious reasons, it will be renamed as Cooties19.

     Whether there are previous Cooties outbreaks is unknown. Let us assume there have been given the general hysteria that follows a Drudge Report on Bird Flu, or Asian Flu, or Avian Flu, or SARS, or MERS, or Zika, etcetera. Oh look, I only need to find twelve more examples.

     In other Cooties19 news.

     - The incompetent CDC, in addition to relaxing the fourteen day quarantine directive, and what happens on Day 15?, has now suggested that asymptomatic humans NOT get tested.

     - Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo, who is still trying to build a career out of fucking up the New York State and City handling of the virus, has come out against NOT testing the asymptomatic. This means for the first time in decades the CDC has made the right decision.

     - The general population seems shocked that schools are showing an uptick in Cooties19 cases, especially at the high school and collegiate level. That's strange, isn't it. Hormone-clanging dopes looking to get naked with each other as soon as possible? How would that effect disease transmission?

     The bigger virus, BLM, has not shown a sign of slowing down.

     It could be the lack of interest on the part of your average stupid Leftist, who thinks destroying property and injuring others is a good PR move.

     Tomorrow, results from the antibody test!

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