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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Flashing Back to the Execrable Year, 2020

Can't Handle all the Socializing!!

Happy 2020! Tell your governor to stop fucking around and open a business or three. Sitting at home will only make you suicidal or increase your chances of catching CV19.

Not to get cocky, but after dining out TWO nights in a row, I am officially exhausted and hungover to the point of staying in today.                                                                                         

Since I cooked dinner for 59 days, only getting take-out six, I have a fridge filled with recent leftovers, and a freezer with fixings for a couple of meals.                                                  

We are, however, looking forward to either Saturday or Sunday evening of this Memorial Day Weekend as another dinner out. Both our first dates in months took place in Mystic. We may branch out and head south to Essex or Chester where we saw a couple of outdoor spots.                

Also, thought the places with half capacity for outdoors and nothing inside, would be crowded, but it appears the media has so scared the population that no one is venturing out yet. Perhaps everyone thinks that Covid19 is on the menu?                                                            

It's not.                                                                                                                                   

In fairness, the following six course prix fixe menu has been served since March 16th:


Go Along 2

Get Along

Bad Orange Man

Baked In Conformity

Fear of the Unknown

A full report on our weekend dining will be forthcoming. For those of you still Capitulating In Place, you might wanna check out who your governor/mayor is and vote the arrogant, power-mad jerk out in November.

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