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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Wanna shove mask-wearing in my face? Make sure yours is hospital-compliant; sealed at the perimeter; replaced frequently. NO ONE DID THAT DURING COVID-19.


Still can't understand why folks wear these things at all, but especially when out on an ice floe, cycling in Zion National Park, or on a desert island. But the weak-willed do.

See above.

      You all know my take on the mask issue. They're worthless unless hospital compliant. I'll cede the ground on research lab compliant. However, most don't have access to such equipment, nor the money to buy such items that need to be meticulously cleaned and/or replaced daily.

      Be realistic. If the disease had a 20% mortality rate, and/or a 5x contagious factor, there would be a need for extreme measures. Wearing a piece of cloth or paper over your mug isn't extreme and is going to do bupkis.

      Actually it will accomplish much. For the self-righteous, it will give you the opportunity to lord your self-righteousness over your fellow man. For the independent thinker, such as Yours truly, it will allow you the ability to return fire when confronted OUTSIDE with no one within a 100 feet of you . . . except for the self-righteous jerk in your face. They're very confrontational when they want to be. Of course, this puts them within the hallowed six foot radius.

      Not wishing to ignite an international incident, I do wear the worthless things when it allows access to places such as restaurants (Which I support as much as I can), grocery stores, and the gym. I won't wear them any other time, and refuse to when outside.

      If you ever catch me wearing a face mask while driving a car, check to see if the other occupants of the vehicle look like Vinnie Jones. If so, we've knocked over a bank.

      Make sure you pack that umbrella today. There's a 0.1% chance of sprinkles.

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